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Dianne Einstein. Founder “Einstein Law LLC

I have consistently worked out all of my life. I was a college basketball player, and I continued working out even after my athletic career ended. When I turned 40, I noticed that I was working out more but not seeing results. My weight was in the normal range but I always had a rounded stomach, and I had difficulty in building muscle in my arms and shoulders. I tried different diets and different work-outs, but I stayed the same until I met Quincy Williams of Q-Fitness. I started working with him six months ago. He tweaked my diet and exercise program. I was working smarter, not harder. Even if I wasn’t working directly with Quincy, he has an APP of exercises that I follow. As a result, my stomach is completely flat, my arms are muscular and I am down to the weight I was in high school! At 49 years old, I am in the best shape in my life. I also feel great! I highly recommend Quincy. He’s amazing.


Dr. Pankaj Tiwari. Co Founder & Head Plastic Surgeon at “Midwest Breast & Aesthetic”

I’ve been training with Quincy at Q-Fitness for over a year and this is the best I’ve felt since a teenager. I met Quincy while he was training TRX group fitness classes and was really impressed with his knowledge of not only TRX but knowledge about the body and how human emotion plays a big role in your success. I was dealing with a knee injury for about 10 years and it bothered me whenever I would do any physical activity. After about 2 months, I couldn’t tell which was my injured knee half the time. Q-Fitness is perfect for me as a busy professional to have a program customized for my goals and my everyday lifestyle. I can’t risk getting injured and have tried all different kinds of workout routines, however Q-Fitness workouts & programs are the one for me