TRX Training - "What is that?"


Most people know me for being an ambassador for TRX. I don't mind. I believe you should be known for what you practice and what you believe. I get asked all the time why am I so passionate about TRX and if it's help me with my strength and physique. Here are some of the primary reasons I practice TRX



Teaches the Stability/Mobility Principle

If you follow any true personal training manual, you should be familiar with this concept. Training starts first with being stable or stability. TRX is by far the #1 training equipment for core training and follows this model with every exercise beginning in a plank position.  Pretty legit if you ask me. Once you've built up core stability or master your standards, you can then change your conditions with mobility. This is another golden nugget with TRX as movements now becomes endless Did I mention it's great for building muscle?!?!

Great Transition from Traditional Traininig

While TRX is a great alternative to traditional dumbbells and cables, suspension training allows your body to develop more balance which ultimately helps with muscle control when you are lifting external loads such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. The result…more balance, more strength, more GAINS!! TRX compliments other modalities perfectly!



Time Under Tension - Scalable, not Scarey

Exercise is all about time under tension. If you load the muscle long enough, it has to adapt, usually the result is strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth).  Most people who've seen my class are intimidated and the 1st thought is "I would die!" It's not really the exercises that's scary as much as it is the intensity of the workouts. This is because each athlete is performing the exercise at a different modification which produces the right intensity level for each athlete. You better believe that they're giving it their all! Allow yourself to be challenged, but not pushed over the edge. Wherever your modification needs to be it's you verse that time under tension!