How to Win the Day

One of my mentors used to call on us every morning at 10am with a 30 minute prep for the day - "Win the Day". I always loved the idea and purpose of the call and being the PT manager at a big box club, my day was ALWAYS packed. It gave me that extra push I needed to prevent me from going crazy. He doesn't know this but ever since I moved on, I've kept this at the forefront of my day. Over time I've been able to tweak this to make it more applicable to my day instead of the big box.


Your Day Starts With Your Mindset

I typically wake up at 5am to get in my workout. For me, this is my time to visualize how and what my day will look like based off of my "to do" list (we'll get into that later). It also gives me a moment to step back and reflect where I am in my life and career and what I need to do in order to stay on path. In essence, I'm creating the mindset I need to stay focused on the day ahead. Yes, there are days when I wake up and want to punch the first person I see, however my fiance would probably have me arrested! The point is that when you wake up with negative energy, YOU have the ability to channel that energy into a positive mindset. What better way to do it than to sweat it out with a great lift!



Create a REALISTIC "To Do" List

I strongly recommend you make it a habit to create your list at the same time every day or night. I like to do mine at night. This helps me sleep better knowing that I have a plan for the day ahead. A to do list is essentially your playbook for the day. If you follow the playbook, it usually ends with points on the board. The key to creating a good playbook - quality over quantity. Keep it simple. When doing this, try to implement these task:



Can Wait

The flipside to this is that if your playbook is to complicated, filled with too many task or you simply don't follow it, you'll end up losing hours of productivity resulting in frustration and ultimately losing the day. Do this and it's like a road trip without directions.


Nobody's perfect

Sure, your boss will schedule an out of nowhere meeting. You will have unnecessary fires to put out. Some things you may not be able to get to and that's fine… more importantly it's normal. When dealing with unforeseen occurrences, if you're able to get the "Emergencies" off of your to do list, you're probably left with the "Can Wait" items, which aren't so bad, right?